Myter om kärnvapen

Myths and reality


Nuclear weapons are no worse than other weapons

Nuclear weapons are the only weapons capable of destroying the entire planet in a matter of hours. A single nuclear bomb, if dropped on a city, could kill millions of people.


Nuclear weapons no longer pose any real threat

There are still 23,300 nuclear weapons worldwide. Each directly threatens global security and human survival, and thousands are ready to be launched within minutes of an order.


It’s OK for some countries to have nuclear weapons

No country can be trusted with nuclear weapons. And so long as any country has them, others will want them. Nuclear weapons threaten rather than enhance security.


It’s unlikely that nuclear weapons will be used again

Unless we get rid of all nuclear weapons, they will be used again — intentionally or by accident — and the effect will be catastrophic. Abolition is necessary and achievable.


Nuclear weapons are a deterrent to terrorists

Terrorist groups and suicide bombers are not rational and cannot be deterred by counter-threats. Further, nations with nuclear weapons are the most attractive targets for terrorists.


Nuclear weapons can be used legitimately

Any use of nuclear weapons would kill indiscriminately. It would cause long-term and widespread human and environmental harm through radioactive fallout.


People don’t care about nuclear disarmament

Recent opinion polls show that the overwhelming majority of people across the globe believe that nuclear weapons should be banned and eliminated without further delay.