It is of the greatest importance that people and governments in many more countries than ours should realize that it is more dangerous to have access to nuclear arms than not to possess them.

– Alva Myrdal

En bristande säkerhetspolitisk analys

Av: Josefin Lind, generalsekreterare

I fredags släpptes diplomaten Lars-Erik Lundins rapport, som han har skrivit på uppdrag av regeringen, sedan oktober 2017. Uppdraget var att utreda konsekvenserna av ett svenskt anslutande till FN:s konvention om förbud mot kärnvapen, ur en rad olika perspektiv. Se direktivet här: https://www.regeringen.se/rattsliga-dokument/kommittedirektiv/2017/10/utredning-av-konsekvenserna-av-ett-svenskt-tilltrade-till-karnvapenforbudskonventionen/

Report for the Swedish Parliament on Swedish Accession to the TPNW: An ICAN Perspective

After months of delay a report for the Swedish Parliament on possible Swedish “accession” to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, compiled by former government diplomat Lars-Erik Lundin, was published today. The investigation concludes that Sweden should not join the TPNW “in its present form”. The next step is a 3-month consultation round in which many different stakeholders will be able to assess the merits of the report. After that it is expected that the Swedish government will make its official decision on whether to join the TPNW.